To Days to Come...

. . . All my love to long ago.

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Finally finished! =D

Please ignore the crappy photos. I plan on redoing them soon. Fun fact, the floss in the first picture is covering up an annoying grease stain. You can still see part of it. More fun fact, I put the grease stain in while trying to get a different stain out. >.<

I spent all afternoon trying to clean this one up. I should have just left it alone, it was actually almost completely stain free. There was one tiny yellow mark on it that you could only see if it was there, but I just made it worse trying to scrub it out. As a last resort (after taking these pictures) I fully submerged the whole piece into water with laundry soap. This is the first time I’ve ever completely submerged a cross stitch. I’ve heard of people doing that successfully, and I’ve heard horror stories where the dye in the floss runs. I’ve heard that it’s usually the reds that run, so I felt fairly safe testing it with this one. It’s drying right now and so far things are looking better. =)

This pattern is up in my Etsy store right now if you’re interested.

I don’t watch this show, but this looks so crisp and well done, I can’t not appreciate it.

Aww, thank you! :) You’re so nice, I’ll forgive the fact that you don’t watch it lol!

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